Monday, September 10, 2007

Circles in the rain

We ended the workshop with a small ceremony on Stroomi beach. While we were making the light circles it started to rain. Surprisingly this didn't extinguish the candles. They kept burning while we were watching the sun go down in the Baltic see.

Medieval walls

The students worked in classrooms with medieval walls. Again research on the subject turned out to be important for the creative process. Seven plans were presented and best project was chosen in a close finish. The conceptual approach of the assignment was appreciated by both students and staff.

New assignment

We have changed last years assignment about two young animals and their temporary habitat into one about the urgent matter of climate change. The students were asked to work with the subjects of CO2 emission and CO2 compensation and create solutions that stimulate sustainability awareness.

Estonian drainpipes

The variety of this subject was so exuberant that it became difficult to make a selection afterwards. It is touching to see that these pipes seem to have human features.

This is how we do it

The streets of Tallinn turned out to be tremendously fruitful for the Typical photoshoot. Easily we discovered several items to hunt down. Like mysteriously vanished squares.

What's up

These are the stairs to our room in Tallinn. During our stay in the city we enjoyed Toivo Raidmets warm hospitality in his house. Toivo is Head of the Interior Architecture department of the Eesti Kunstiakadeemia.