Friday, June 02, 2006

Light Circles

We ended the workshop with a farewell event. These are the paper bags we used together with the students to create eleven Human Light Circles on a rugby field. Each circle consisted of twenty four lights. We looked at the result from a hill top, drank our beers and danced on South African music.

At work

The lecturers at work on the second day in the Greenside Design Center with a group of around forty students. Gerrit Schilder is the person on the left, Patrick Kruithof the person on the right.

Roof with a view

We were taken on an excursion through the new building of the faculty of art, design & architecture and ended at the roof with a magnificent view over Johannesburg.

The first workshop

We held our first workshop at the University of Johannesburg. These are some results of the problem analysis done by the students. We asked them to design a temporary living for two giraffe calves on their way from South Africa to Western Europe.

Typical Joburg

The kids of Soweto turned out to be very playful and inventive. The football on the left must have been repaired numerous times. And the goalie on the right is in fact a reused plastic container. This collage is one of twelve that were presented the next day in the Typical Joburg slideshow.

Soweto people

On the first day Katarina drove us around Johannesburg and Soweto in her car. We took pictures for our Typical Joburg presentation and were welcomed by several nice people like this boy and his grandfather.

Room 409

This is Katarina's door. Katarina Dimitrijevic is the head of the Interior Architecture department at the Greenside Design Center. We stayed at her place and had a great time. The real number of her house is 409 by the way, but she forgot to put the zero on the door.