Thursday, February 14, 2008

Arabian night

Our flight back home was canceled so we had to spend an extra Arabian night in hotel La Cigale. It had just opened its doors.

Twelve light circles

Surprisingly there was no desert sand near the school so we had to bring it in. Twelve light circles were created on a soccer field closeby.

Air pollution

Qatar is the most striking country for our climate change assignment because it has the highest CO2 exhaust per capita in the world. At the end of the day we had two winning projects. This project dealt with asthma as caused by air pollution.

Woman only

Male and female students are strictly separated in Qatar so it was the first time we were teaching woman only.

Education City

Our workshop took place in Education City, an area with several faculties. Our host, the VCU School of the Arts Qatar offered spacious rooms for the students.

Desert state Qatar

On the first day of our arrival at Doha, capital of desert state Qatar it rained. The day after we drove around town looking for something typical. With new city developments these handcrafted door decorations will probably disappear in the near future.